Inspirational Quotes Collection

A collection of inspirational quotes that represent what you believe.

Quote Pack #1
  • “Everything” that God places my hands on, becomes blessed beyond measure. | View t-shirt
  • As Long As I Remain Focused, I can’t be caught off guard. #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • As the world continues to fall, God’s children continue to rise; Glory Bound. | View t-shirt
  • Deception is of the world, transformation is of God. | View t-shirt
  • Don’t study to become a babbling fool, yet study to show thyself approved. 2 Timothy 2:15. | View t-shirt
  • Ever since I stopped chasing worldly gain, grace and mercy stepped in, embracing me much closer than any best friend. #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • Falling in love with Jesus is the best choice that you could ever make. | View t-shirt
  • God is taking me to a level unto where only a faithful few will have access. | View t-shirt
  • God’s undefeated record vs Satan’s continuous losing streak, is a no-brainer to me. | View t-shirt
  • How can you see the light, when you’re constantly living in darkness? | View t-shirt
  • I’m not the poison, I’m the antidote. | View t-shirt
  • I don’t do drama. I do Jesus! | View t-shirt
  • I have the best friend of all times, and his name is Jesus! | View t-shirt
  • I Must Stay Kingdom Minded, To Stay Kingdom Grounded, with the Hope of Being Kingdom Bound. Matt 6:33 KJV | View t-shirt
  • I’m living my lifestyle to make it to the kingdom. #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • I’m not about that he say/she say, I’m all about what GOD say #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • I’m rocking with the home team “JESUS CHRIST” | View t-shirt
  • If God didn’t validate you then there was no validation | View t-shirt
  • It’s funny how people expect for God to bless them, when they’re not even on His team. | View t-shirt
  • It’s funny how the world praises person, places, and things with “no power” other than the Almighty God who has “all power” | View t-shirt
Quote Pack #2
  • JESUS executes supreme undeniable sovereignty. | View t-shirt
  • Jesus wants to promote you and Satan wants to demote you; which side of the battlefield are you on? | View t-shirt
  • Let’s regain the minds of our youth so that they shall fill the world with truth. #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • My brokenness is no longer, because it’s been mended by the blood of Jesus. | View t-shirt
  • No Matter…Good…Bad…Happy…Or Sad, God’s Soldiers Must Continue To Fight! | View t-shirt
  • Play your Part cause I’m gonna play mine 24/7 365 #TEAM JESUS | View t-shirt
  • Running with Satan is accepting an eternal death, however, running with the LORD, you acquire much more; ETERNAL LIFE. | View t-shirt
  • Satan Doesn’t Like When You Know How To Fight. Throwing Back Righteous Scriptures With Your Left And Your Right. #TEAMJESUS | View t-shirt
  • Satan Has Tried to Take Me out More Times Than I Can Count And Yet I am Still Here | View t-shirt
  • Satan will try to convince you that you can’t win them all, but you can prove him wrong by holding on to Jesus. | View t-shirt
  • The influences of the world will lead you to your death, be wise in the decisions that you make. | View t-shirt
  • The web of lies of the world can only entangle those of the weak. | View t-shirt
  • When God has established you on holy grounds, there’s NOTHING! that Satan and his imps can do to harm you. | View t-shirt
  • When you play in the streets, remember Satan plays for keeps Although when you run God. He will fight your battles and your wars | View t-shirt
  • When you remain living in the spiritual, the carnal has no effect. #TEAMJESUS | View t-shirt
  • You haven’t experienced the essence of joy until you basked in the ambience of Jesus. | View t-shirt
  • You say that you don’t like being burned by fire, but you’re constantly dancing with the devil. | View t-shirt

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