Our Mission


My brand is focused on providing an uplifting spirit filled reassurance of HIS WORD in all truth, just as we’re to represent our FATHER. So to all of my new customers, let’s prepare ourselves for what the LORD our GOD is about to bless us all with through HIS Heavenly Anointing of the brand, “Spirit Led Threadz Apparel”. Yours Truly, Minister Kali Shy

Our Story


In the year of 2007, I had taken an enlivened interest in the apparel business which gave me a great oversight of what I could do with the ideas that flooded my mind.

Due to certain circumstances that evolved during that time, I had to take a sabbatical before a resurgent return. Here now come February of 2021, the LORD has placed upon my heart and mind that it’s time for me to reconvene into the apparel business, remaining true to allowing HIM as the lead within all endeavors, that I shall remain prosperous through the longevity of my business. So here I am, carrying out not only my dreams, but also the premonition of how I’m to spread HIS WORD through the inspired brand “Spirit Led Threadz Apparel”, that the LORD has given to me to be a blessing to others.

As you choose to venture with me amongst this journey, you will encounter encouraging blissful content as I obediently follow the direction in which my LORD, my GOD, leads me.